Three Simple Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Can Do Yourself

Things You Should Be Doing To Avoid Major Garage Door Repair

You may often think that you have control over things and items in your garage. So sure you can handle whatever happens in the garage by your own and trust us when we say this but no. You don’t have to prove anything or anyone but to avoid major garage door repair, here are a few maintenance tips that you could surely do by yourself!

These ideas will not only educate you but will keep you on edge in cases of emergencies. Maintenance is something others will easily neglect. But to keep safe, this routine is necessary to avoid not just repairs but the possibility of injuries occurring.

Lubricate Springs and Moving Parts

Lubricating all hinges, rollers, and moving parts. Use a lubricant specific garage door lubricant because other lubricants can cause premature rust. A properly oiled garage door can significantly reduce any noise issues and keep your garage door functioning smoothly.

Replace Worn Garage Door Bottom Seals

Replacing your bottom seal is fairly easy and affordable. Remove the seal and reattach the new seal you bought. A good seal protects your garage door from water and it helps garage door retain heat better.

Inspect Springs and Cables

Your springs and cables are not something you could maintain or fix by yourself. Giving them a regular inspection helps and should be a part of your maintenance routine. Watch out for rust or any worn ends in your springs as well as the possibility of frayed cables.

When doing these simple maintenance tips, always put your safety first. If there are things that you cannot do by yourself, it’s high time you bring in professionals in garage door repair from Van Nuys Garage Door and Gates Service! Convenient and guaranteed quality service is just in Van Nuys, CA so make sure you visit!