Issues Concerning Garage Door Openers

You’ll Need a Garage Door Opener Repair When You Notice These Problems

When your garage door opener stops working, it can be quite frustrating. What makes it even more frustrating is that it’d often be difficult figuring out what’s wrong with it on your own. Unless, of course, you know all about electronics like the back of your hands. In most cases, it would be best to get a garage door opener repair done by the pros.

You’ll especially need professional help when you encounter these head-scratching dilemmas:

The Remote Doesn’t Work

Have you tried pushing the button on the remote and the garage door still wouldn’t budge? To begin with, try opening/closing the door using the wall switch. If it responds to the switch, it’s probably the remote that has a problem. In that case, try replacing the batteries of the remote. When a fresh set of batteries doesn’t do the trick, the problem could be with the antenna on the motor unit.

The Door Doesn’t Close All the Way

A garage door that doesn’t close all the way down may seem harmless, but it actually gives malicious parties the opening they’ll need to break into your home. You wouldn’t want that to happen, do you? With this issue, you’ll have to check the safety sensors and see if there isn’t anything between them. If they seem to be okay, try looking at the close limit switch. It might be set incorrectly and you’ll certainly need a garage door opener repair expert to sort it out.

The Wall Switch Is Inoperable

In most cases, a problem with the power supply is the common cause behind a wall switch that’s unable to open or close your garage door. It could be that the fuses or breaker (or GFCI) have burnt out or tripped. If these parts seem to be okay, it’s probably the power in the opener motor that might’ve burnt out. Of course, you’ll need a professional to fix or replace the said part.

For the most part, these problems are best left in the hands of someone who’s well-versed with performing a garage door opener repair. And if you’re looking for that someone in Van Nuys, CA, you can always turn to our team here at Van Nuys Garage Door and Gates Service.

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