How Thieves Can Get Into Your Garage!

Garage Door Repair Tricks

Here are a few ways burglars can get into your garage.

Through the window
Most garages have windows and many of them are prone to be neglected. It is not that the homeowner ignored them, it is just that these windows have a tendency to be forgotten as they are out of view, which means out of mind. So the next time you are performing any kind of garage door repair, bear these in mind.

Through the side door
While most garages can only be entered via the garage door, there are some which come with a standard entry door just off to the side. These doors are sometimes badly secured, making them prime targets for opportunistic thieves.

Through an unclosed door
It is all too common for people to leave in a hurry and forget to close their garage door after them. Doing this, especially after nightfall, is just begging for thieves to take their chances.

Through a broken or old door
Like everything else when garage doors get old, they do get weaker. Panels work themselves lose, the door does not close properly due to a rotted frame etc. All of these conditions are ripe for experienced thieves.

By getting your garage door code
Code grabbing has been used for years. And even though new garage door openers can mostly thwart code grabbers, randomly changing your access codes after each use helps, however, some of the older doors can still be hacked.

By stealing your remote
When you leave your remote in your unlocked car in the driveway, the chances are great that you could come out and find someone has stolen it. Remember most thieves actually live in the same neighborhood as the houses they break into.

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