Hiring a Garage Door Technician? Ask These Important Questions!

Questions for Garage Door Opener Repair Technicians

Perhaps you accidentally backed your car into your garage door and crumbled the panels beyond repair. Or maybe the door still works well and you just need help with garage door opener repair or torsion spring replacement. Either way, you have to get the help of a reliable garage door technician! You can find the ideal contractor asking these questions:

What’s your length of experience?

Generally, experienced technicians can provide better garage door services than those who have just earned their qualifications since they’ve had more time and opportunities to master advanced techniques and sharpen their skills. So, when searching for a garage door technician, choose experts who have been working in the industry for several years.

Are you insured?

Whether you’re replacing your entire garage door or just having a panel repaired, you must hire a fully insured garage door technician who will shoulder the financial liability should an accident occur while they’re working on your property. By hiring an insured contractor, you’ll have the assurance that you’re protected no matter what happens, and you’ll get to enjoy peace of mind.

May I ask for some references?

Before starting your garage door project, ask your garage door contractor for at least five references. Of course, make sure to verify these references! Taking these steps can be time-consuming, but it’s worth the hard work since you’ll get to ask the technician’s previous clients if they’re happy with the solutions they have received. Their responses will give you an idea about the contractor’s quality of service and help you decide if you’ll hire them or no.

Find the right garage door expert to trust by asking the questions mentioned above! If you live in Van Nuys, CA, there’s no need to worry since Van Nuys Garage Door and Gates Service is always here to assist you. Call us now at (818) 275-8717 so we can help you with garage door opener repair and other tasks!