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Garage Door Repair Should Always Be Done a Professional

Garage doors are very fragile. They experience fast wear and tear, especially if the vehicle that is placed in the garage is used every day. Take note that if the garage door cannot be used, then the entire garage cannot be used as well. Listed below are common garage door issues and how they can be fixed by a garage door repair professional.

Loud grinding noise

Most times, loud grinding noises can be heard from the garage door opener. This is mostly caused by loose hardware and squeaky sections. Garage door repair specialists usually apply lubricant to solve this issue. If you don’t know what hardware needs to be lubricated and the specific amount of lubricant to be used, leave the job to a professional.

Rust formation

Rust is formed anywhere in the garage door. It destroys the overall look of the garage door and it also limits its functionality. Additionally, if too much rust is formed, dust and dirt will easily get inside the garage, filling the inside of your garage with harmful substances. Rust is caused when iron components of the garage are exposed to too much air and water, so special coat is applied so that rust will disappear over time.

Door closes, then immediately opens

This is a common garage door problem that is mostly caused by the misalignment of the photo-eye. This small device is made out of plastic and acts as a safety feature. The photo-eye is located on both sides of the garage door, and if it’s misaligned, the door won’t work properly. The only option here is to call a garage door repair specialist.

Garage door opener does not seal all the way to the bottom

A pipe insulation is usually used to secure parts of the garage door that cannot be sealed. You can always purchase the pipe insulation yourself but always hire the services of a professional when repairs will be made.

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